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Men's Health cites UAB doctors:
Birmingham News - Birmingham, Alabama, USA
GRAND parent Family Services Program offers grandparents raising their grandchildren in-home support services for three to six months. ...

RAPP helps nontraditional parents cope
Scottsboro Daily Sentinel - Scottsboro, Alabama, USA
... number of people in Jackson County are finding themselves in the role of parenting for a second time, as grandparents raising their own grandchildren. ...

Family Conference set for Oct. 5
Huntsville Times - Huntsville, Alabama, USA
... Families; panel on HIV/AIDS; Reaching New Financial Heights; Challenges for the African-American Leader; Grandparents Raising Grandchildren; Creating Literacy ...

"Grand" parents
Cullman Times Online - Cullman, Alabama, USA
... Raising children at my age is an asset, she said. I draw on experience that I've had in the past and know that I am much wiser.. ...

Sherry and Ray Scruggs raise second family
News Courier - Athens, Alabama, USA
By Kelly Kazek. For more information on grandparents raising grandchildren, see the Never Empty Nest series on The News Courier's home page. ...


What's going on in your state for children being parented by their grandparents or great grandparents?

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